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Privilege Batumi - Your own apartment in one of Georgias most beautiful destinations



Marriott Hotel will be operating from the 1st until the 12th floor of the complex and from floor 13th the Privilege offers the premium-class apartments, with the hotel-type service. Even though both hotel and the apartments will be in the same complex, they will have separate receptions and entrance.
The Privilege will offer the owners and the guest the modern infrastructure:
- Swimming-pool;
- Fitness-center;
- Spa-center;
- Casino;
- Restaurants, Cafes;
- Open terraces;
There will also be the underground parking on -2 floors.
In order to maintain the outward appearance of the complex, it is initial to take care of it. The provider includes this service:
- Administration
- Concierge
- Security
- Technical Support
- Cleaning
- Video-surveillance.
There is a US-based international management company that provides hotel management, rental, consulting and other essential services. They will also manage apartment rentals.


Currently Alliance Privilige offers apartments on sale up to floor 45th, apartments range from 35 up to 56 square meters. In some cases it is possible to merge single apartments. They will be transferred to the buyer in the following condition:
A. Construction and installation works shall be completed;
B. Facade and roofing shall be completed;
C. Surrounded territory shall be landscaped and well-equipped;
D. The main entrance (public spaces) shall be finished and painted;
E. Lifts shall be installed;
F. The front door of the apartment shall be installed;
G. The exterior shall be arranged with the aluminium doors and windows, double glazing;
H. The contour walls and inside partition walls of the apartment shall be constructed;
I. Floor shall be constructed with cement mortar and bracing wire (stretched floor - so-called "Stiazhka");
J. Balconies shall be finished;
K. Service lines/utilities shall be installed on the following conditions:
*Water supply - shall be available inside the apartment with installation of the individual meter;
*Sewage system - main vertical pipe shall be installed in the apartment;
*Ventilation ducts/channels - shall be constructed in all apartments;
*Central cooling and heating system shall be available inside the apartment with installation of the individual
*Electricity supply - shall be available inside the apartment with installation of the individual meter.


The Privilege is located in the heart of Batumi, in the first row to the Black Sea in a prestigious district of the city. One can enjoy fantastic sea view from every apartment in the building. In 50 meters from the complex one can have access to famous Batumi boulevard, walking area, seashore, park, the lake, delphinium as well as fountains.


83% of the total amount of apartments is sold in this project.
International management company, MCINERNEY HOSPITALITY INTERNATIONAL, will provide all the services of the whole renting process with no need of owner’s effort. In case of the owners will apartments can be transferred to the buyer in fully renovated and furnished condition which will cost additional 600$ per square meter.
Payment conditions are very flexible. We have three offers:
1. Total payment method;
2. Inner installment. Down payment is 30% and the rest of the amount can be divided into company’s inner instalment without any additional interest rate with flexible schedule.
3. Simplified Bank loan, from our partner bank without revenue confirmation with 40% down payment and the rest can be divided into 5 year bank loan.


Yuliya Haidar

Telefon: +49 2433 444 131
Telefax: +49 2433 444 142


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